Community Service

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At East Side Community School we are dedicated to teaching our students the value of serving the community for the greater good of the world. We believe our students should graduate with an understanding that giving back makes us happier, well-rounded, empathic human beings and citizens of this world. We hope that by providing community service opportunities, students will find causes they connect with and can continue to fight for and support. Our goal is for each student to complete five hours of community service per school year.  

Things You Need to Know About Community Service at East Side:

  • While all are encouraged to participate, it is not mandatory.
  • We recommend students complete 5 or more hours of service per year.
  • Each year students will receive an award for community service completed and we are hoping to add a community service awards ceremony in the next year or two.
  • Community service may be accomplished in the form of opportunities for individuals, whole-advisories opportunities, or alternate large-group service projects.
  • Does it look good on my college application? Yes and it feels even better.

Community service might look like:

  • Service you are already doing along with your family.
  • Group-service with your sports team, religious community, advisory, other groups within our school or a neighborhood group.
  • Volunteer tutoring within or outside of school.
  • Working on a community garden, park, or other physical space improvement.
  • So much more

Families, get in touch if...

  • You can offer opportunities for our students’ community service through your place of business or other community connections.
  • Know of an organization we should connect with. 
  • You would like to lead or join in students’ community service work.

How will we track:

Students who complete community service hours should notify us by completing our community service form and submitting it to Letty in room 117 or by submitting a copy of the form provided by the organization where they completed community service. In addition, information can also be emailed by the community service supervisor of the organization to

How will you find out about available opportunities: 

We have added a community service opportunity list on our website homepage that we will continue to update throughout the year. In addition, we will plan monthly group community service opportunities students can participate in with East Side staff. We will email those opportunities to students and families as they become available as they will have limited availability. 

I still have a question….

This is a new process for us so ask away. Your question can help us think of something we missed and help us improve the process! We value your input and encourage you to get involved to help build our community service initiative for students and families.